About Us

GeoGlobe Ltd. is the whole range geotechnical engineering survey company, it was founded in 1999. All over the years we have been developing and today we are the dynamic company which is able promptly to meet the demand of the market. Our well qualified and experienced specialists have accomplished enormous amount of projects as on the territory of Azerbaijan as overseas.

GeoGlobe Ltd. has the rich experience in leading all types of geotechnical engineering survey onshore and offshore (transition zone); we are the supplier of complicated and responsible projects in Azerbaijan, such as Alat Trade Port Development, Crescent Hotel Construction, ABSHERON Lakes Rehabilitation Project and other many no less considerable projects.

Today we have our own fleet of drilling machines, (self elevated jack platform, buggy, MPDR-20 KAMAZ base and etc.), certified soil investigation laboratory and special equipment for accomplishing the all types of geological engineering survey.