3D Laser Measurment

GeoGlobe Ltd. for the first time in Azerbaijan represents ground photogrammetric shooting technology by the FARO Terrestrial Laser Scanning. The main advantage of the FARO Terrestrial Laser Scanning technology in comparison to traditional measurement devices is ability to make measurements and wide range monitoring of the complicated design, installations, architectural ornaments, and other elements of the relief with high precision in a very short time. Measurement results can be obtained in 2D and 3D formats.


  • Building
  • Architecture
  • Facade measurements
  • Interior measurements
  • Tunnel and Mining
  • Reconstruction
  • Bridge
  • As-Build drawing preparation



  • Accuracy  : ± 2 mm
  • Distance   : 0.6-330 m
  • Speed        : 1,000,000 dot/sec
  • Camera     : 70 Mpx panoramic