Инженерно-геодезическое исследование

Our organization offers conducting of whole complex Engineering-Geodesy Survey : 

  • Reconnaissance survey of the territory (water area) surveys;
  • Creation ( development) of geodetic networks ( networks planned grades 3 and 4 and thickening of networks 1 and 2 bits , levelling grid II, III, IV classes) , as well as geodetic networks for the construction of special purpose ;
  • The creation of planned high-altitude survey geodetic networks;
  • Topographic (ground mapping, aerophototopography, stereophotogrammetry etc.) shooting in 1:10000 - 1:200, including the survey of underground and aboveground structures;
  • Update topographic (engineering topographic) plans in scale of 1:10,000 - 1:200 and cadastral plans in graphic, digital , photographic and other forms;
  • Engineering and hydrography;
  • Surveying services associated with a shift in the binding nature and workings , geophysical and other points of engineering surveys ;
  • Stationary geodetic observations of deformation of the buildings and structures - the earth's surface and the thickness of rocks in the areas of development and natural hazards Induced Processes;
  • Engineering and geodetic support of geographic information systems (GIS) settlements and enterprises, government inventories (urban planning, etc.);
  • Create (with inventory and thematic maps and plans , atlases special The values ​​( in graphic, digital and other forms );
  • Cameral data handling ;
  • Technical Report Preparation (explanatory note).