Инженерные исследования

Engineering - Geotechnical survey

Geotechnical investigations have become an essential component of every construction to ensure safety of human beings and materials. It includes a detailed investigation of the soil to determine the soil strength, composition, water content, and other important soil characteristics. 

Geotechnical investigations are executed by geotechnical engineers and geologists to acquire information regarding the physical characteristics of soil and rocks. The purpose of geotechnical investigations is to design earthworks and foundations for structures, and to execute earthwork repairs necessitated due to changes in the subsurface environment.


Engineering-geophysical survey

Engineering-geophysical survey is as the subsidiary type of work in the complex engineering-geological and hydrological surveys, as independent type of work, solving separate tasks. GeoGlobe Ltd. has the capacity to accomplish all types of engineering-geophysical surveys and own all necessary equipments.


Engineering - Geodesy and Topography survey

Geodesic Surveying is suitable for finding out the area of any region on the earth surface, the length and directions of the border lines, contour lines and location of basic points. GeoGlobe conducts a wide range of Geodesy and Topography surveys including but not limited to 3D Scanning, Land Measuring, Topographic mapping and Construction site sureying.